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Manufacturing is the heart of GHEPARDO.  Research & Products Development differentiates us from others.  By collaborating with our Partners, we design and prototype new products - Building Components.  Quality control and Innovation is of utmost importance.
These are some of our Partners... and our virtual production line. 
PRESTIGE is our closest Partner & Collaborator.  Beyond profits, we are committed to improve local economy by research & development for new products.
PRESTIGE is a medium size manufacturing plant, directed by Mechanical Engineer Carlos Caldero and with a strong focus on innovation and design. 
PRESTIGE at present operates various milling machines (manual and digital Haas), a 5'x10' plasma cutter, 3D printing and Electrical Discharge Machines.  All these 'toys' and tools make PRESTIGE a top-of-the-line manufacturing plant well equiped to tackle today's needs within the field of medical devices, architecture and products design.
Contact:  Eng. Carlos Caldero  T. 787-568-4597
MOTOFACTOR is a small and unique shop.  And although it specializes in bikes (popular boys' toys) it has added much value on the work GHEPARDO has been elaborating recently.
The shop is run by Omar Velez - a dedicated craftsman, an expert in high performance paints, and a high qualified colaborator. 
Contact:  Omar Velez  T. 787-217-3513, 593-0396
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