M.A.C. 18

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (M.A.C.) called for proposals.  The Institution recently have considered necessary to renovate an old bus stop, located right in front of the buildings, and oriented towards the main avenue (Ponce de Leon).  


Ghepardo's proposal for the bus stop is the result of two arcades intersecting.  One is the bus shelter, providing passengers a roof; the second is a roof which stretches from the Museum's lawn (the Sculpture Garden) to the public realm (the sidewalk).

A long screen wall, made of Roca blocks, helps to direct newcomers to the garden, and the building entrance beyond.


The arcades are to be premanufactured with carbon fiber; a modern material in its pure, ethical terms.

Carbon fiber brings the shelters slender surfaces, and lightweight structures - architecture's very historic dilema... gravity and the law of physics !!

Date:  2014
Size:  800sf approx.
Location:  Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Design:  Ghepardo PSC, Fabian S. Morales (Project Manager)
Client:  Museun of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico
Comments:  Competition Entry