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     Gatos (Cats) is a puertorrican restaurant 'hiding' in the heart of the old city, inside one of those medieval spaces built during the 16th century.

     A central platform (catwalk or pasarela) serves as dinning room.  The designers decided to elevate it, in order to make room for the kitchen and other utilities.


     To avoid a space with a dead end, a typical condition in medieval towns, the big wall is furnished with huge shards of mirrored glass.  It definitely nurtures the flamboyant, but moreover it doubles the space, and helps define the path from entrance to dining terraces.

Date:  2012
Size:  1,100sf 
Location:  Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Interiors by  Ghepardo PSC 
Client:  Private Owner
Comments:  Proposal for a Restaurant
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