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COTTAGE 1008     


Very modern, very daring, very provocative, nice and smooth... this new country home derives from M-700.  The owner (a mechanical engineer) asked for 1000 squared feet as for his perfect retreat, but also asked GHEPARDO to figure out a language (style) of unique appearance and strong communication.

-Flexible space, black steel, zebra stripes,

and black ducts as window frames-


In the end, the design proposed brings up a nice cottage for temporary living, capable of transforming into a 2 cars garage, when the owner finishes the formal house in the long run.

Date:  2012 
Size:  1,000sf 
Location:  Corozal, Puerto Rico
Design:  Ghepardo PSC, Fabian S. Morales
Client:  Manufacturing plant owner
Comments:  Design for Private Residence
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