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THE LOFT at New York City

GHEPARDO submitted an entry for the renovation of a penthouse in New York City.  The client was very specific about the program (requirements), which included an interior glass bridge, and an automatic staircase.


Designers found references in early 20th century America.  

The proposal mimics early 20th century New York City and art deco - the Chrysler Building being its cilmax - a language which flourished in the beginings of that wealthy state.  


Designers describe the proposal:

     "Nickel plated steel (for the glass roof);

glass studs as structure (for a wall);

and a moving staircase... similar to JCPenney during the 1930s.  

Floors covered with black marbles,

very reminiscent of New York's bedrock underneath."

Date:  2008
Size:  5,000sf
Location:  Atop typical skyscraper, New York City, NY
Design:  Fabian S. Morales
Comments:  Competition Entry for Private client
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