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The concept behind GHEPARDO


In the drama between prey and predator, 

a mistake by number One ('the fastest')

makes way and clears the path

for number Two ('the strategist').



Carl Lewis succeded Ben Johnson;

Mike Schumacher succeded Ayrton Senna;

and Howard Roark succeded Peter Keating.


The Design field is an african landscape as well.

We must stalk on projects

as ghepardos stalk on a prey...


High speed,

offensive tactics,

and an instict for big targets

are great qualities we, as a design office,

want to associate with.


The contemporary world,

on the other hand,

has a continuous fascination with open space,

long-range primeval motion 

and synchronized precision;

for which GHEPARDOS and their habitat

play a quintescential model.

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