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It's not the window,

               but its frame what counts...


"You can put a window worth thousands of dollars within an openning, but it is the frame, that 'concrete skin' surrounding it, which in the end adds value to that view..."  


This is a high-end residence renovation which brings traditional origami (also papiroplexia in Spain) as a strong reference.  

By bending and folding, new versions of window frames appear;

moreover, techtonics, architectural skin and language are put into question.


1,000 square feet are added to an existing house (formerly 3,800sf).  This means:  a new Masterbedroom (600sf) and new entrance to the home.

Date:  2013
Size:  4,400sf 
Location:  Guayama, Puerto Rico
Architecture:  Ghepardo PSC 
Structure:  Tommy Ortiz, Engineer
Client:  Private Home Owner
Comments:  Residence Renovation


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