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"Cities are blenders... (Planners state)

it must blend work and pleasure."


GHEPARDO poses, nonetheless, a more aggresive thought: 

"The mix must be 50:50 !  Otherwise, it will not survive."


Towers 914 take the suburban scenario as the paradigm.  It provides several principles which reveal why are suburbs so successful:

     1)  A programmatic mixture (the ordinary + the formal, the obvious + the obtuse, shopping + office + homes)

     2)  A combination of finished and unfinished (the complete + the incomplete, the exposed + the covered)

     3)  A juxtaposition between solid & void (the built & the unbuilt, the building & the boulevard)


The proposal locates construction on an (actual) empty plot.  The center (the city)?, is dead after 6pm.  The strategy?:  to inject a high dose of pleasure (3D cinemas, nice open floors, tons of shops, and of course very nice child cares.


When Ghepardo is confronted about cars in this modern era, they react:

"About cars? Of course,

schemes and proposals leave space above some buildings free of construction.  

It would allow parking garages in the future,

when the need for cars will surpass our need for spaces."


Date:  2003 (schematic proposal)
Size:  500,000sf 
Location:  Central Business District, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
Design:  Fabian S. Morales, Architect
Comments:  Schematic Urban Design - Commercial Towers
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