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This is a project about subtleties...

The house (an existing building) needed attention to details,

for various small contractors had tried to tackle the Client's parameters.

Our Client asked for a subtle renovation; 

They were clear that this was an opportunity to highlight Modernism.

Innovation thus came to the design table:

     we added our Roca blocks (a modernist Sunscreen) and

     designed a whole bunch of details and spaces:  

     - landscape features (stairs near the pool) / floor details (interior/exterior)

     - bathroom tiling / metal gates, and skylights (entrance and bathrooms).

Date:  2016
Size:  4,400sf 
Location:  Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Architecture:  Ghepardo PSC 
Client:  Private Home Owner
Comments:  Architectural Design:  Skylights, Interiors & Screen Walls
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