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MAGAZINE & KIOSK... ( fashion on the road : food on the go ) 

Revista?, a juried competition, was awarded to Fabian Morales, and to be built by the Municipality of San Juan.   This magazine kiosk - a small space of barely 20 squared feet - opens and unfolds its interiors to sidewalks nearby.


Two windows (one pivoting, one sliding up) and one bifold door make up the connections between passersby and the world around us - fashion, news, food, travel and fitness.


Its materials? Powder coated aluminum, corten steel, or polyurethane coated woods... all these perfectly feasible witihin any cosmopolitan environment like Old San Juan.

Date:  1997
Size:  25-50sf
Sidewalk of U.S. Postal Service & Federal Court Bldg, 
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Design:  Fabian S. Morales
Client:  U.S. General Administration Services
Comments:  Design for a Magazine Kiosk
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