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THE INTIMATE CITY (Space inside out)
The collapse of the american economy (during late 90's and recently) showed the fragile aspects of metropolitan cities:  its potential decadence and its obsolescence.  
It reminds us of a famous quote: All that is solid melts into air (by Marshall Berman).
This model explores and states:  
"Sell whole skyscrapers (probably for $100 grand,
tear appart all its interiors, all floors, and convert them into private residences.
This is the next step for the Jet Set lifestyle !! "
So that, a renovated skyscraper would have a couple of floors
(the dining, the living, a master bedroom, the family room, a terrace)
and some of those new floors could become moving platforms (moved by hydraulic energy).
It would be a suburban city in its purest form and its proper scale...
Individual space, Intimate city.
Date:  2006
Size:  (x,y,z) 22" x 70" x 12
Medium:  hand cut cardboard, acrylic and wood
Design:  Fabian S. Morales
Comments:  Urban Design, Conceptual Analysis, Urban Research
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