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MC AGRO LLC, for the Research & Development of Cannabis

These Labs were a Fast Track project.

Having no layouts or floor plans, our staff moved to the site (a 2nd floor in a 5 story building) in order to satisfy the Client's (and this type of projects) demands.

Whilst construction crews were doing (and undoing), building and demolishing simultaneously, our team (posted at the 3rd floor) were tracking every move and 'building up' the plans & specs for it.

The final product:  3,500 sf of Research & Development Labs ready to be equipped and in service.

(Fast Tracks are to Building what Formula 1 is to Racing...)

Date:  2016
Size:  3,500sf approx.
Location:  Metropolitan San Juan, Puerto Rico
Design:  Ghepardo PSC, Fabian S. Morales (Project Manager)
Client:  Private
Comments:  Fast-Track Construction (Timeframe: 3 weeks)
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