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          Hyper Rise, Plátanos and the Caribbean City     

When GHEPARDO began working on this entry, crits hit hard; some said it was an unusual entry for any (international) competition.


"This competition entry is weird.  It's about emptying huge skyscrapers, traveling pods on the edge of buildings, and about collapsing modern real estate... I don't know man." (Anonymous, interview with consultant).


The firm, nonetheless, kept focus on this particular solution... and argued:


"It seemed so obvious that, as the economy keeps collapsing (in America as in Europe), it makes way more sense to have cities selling whole skyscrapers for around $100,000; so that any young urban professional would buy, stripp off all its floors, and refurbish it with couple of moving platforms...


"Imagine having  yesterday your masterbedroom with typical 3rd story height views, and tomorrow moving that platform to the equivalent of any 20th floor level..."

Date:  2012 
Size/scope:  Urban design strategies 'stretched' to a whole island
Location:  Puerto Rico as case study
(intended to respond to conditions in the caribbean islands)
Design:  Fabian S. Morales, Architect
Client:  n/a
Comments:  Competition Entry - Evolo 2012
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