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The architecture for Villa N is still in evolution.  The firm proposed a typical white box (as early modern buildings were known for their squared look), but distorted as to allow new needs.  


After long discusions between team mates, the group finally agreed to equip a (distorted) white box, with a curved roof upon it.  Thus the main corridor of the home is made visible from outside; a necesary solution for a client demanding clarity and hierarchy in architecture.


Finished vs. unfinished surfaces (i.e., plastered vs. exposed concrete) became the perfect touch to accept differences in composition... to allow third parties on an arena where only two were allowed.


The home provides all the necessary functions, plus a huge birdcage, 2 terraces, 4 cars garage, and two family rooms.

Date:  2012 
Size:  7,100sf 
Location:  Dorado, Puerto Rico
Design:  Ghepardo PSC
Client:  Private Owner
Comments:  Proposal for a New Residence
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