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NEHEMIAS Rock Blocks

                     by Desarrollos Nehemias Inc.



•  Rock units made by compacting       

   aggregate and an industrial chemical


•  Weighs 1.47 Ton per unit 

•  High quality control in the

    manufacturing plant

•  No wire cages; it substitutes the

    traditional gabion

•  Plug & Play assembly

    (similar to Key stones)

•  100 % permeable

    (reduces storm drainage system)

•  Feasible in soils 1500-3000 #/sq.ft.

•  Retainage walls up to 30 ft

    at a 6 deg. angle

•  Compressive strenght:  4000 psi



•  Erosion control

•  Abutments in bridges

•  Roads edge erosion (rural areas)

•  Control bodies of water

   (lakes, rivers, streams, swamps,



SIZE  (w,d,h)  

     32" x 32" x 37"



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